If you operate or manage a business, you may not have considered the impact that playing music within your working environment can have on your business as a whole.

Not only can suitable music have a positive effect on your clients, but it can also have a positive effect on your staff.

Creating an atmosphere which is both appropriate and enjoyable will help maintain positive attitudes, as well as a clear sense of vision. For example, the style of music which you choose to play can indicate whether you are aiming to operate a traditional, conservative hotel, or an innovative and cutting-edge place for guests to stay. In this way, taking time to choose the appropriate music for your business effects the perception for both your clients and your staff members.

Here at Radiosparx, our music technology can help reduce headaches of music sourcing, improve efficiency and reduce operation cost.

Sometimes, have you ever wondered why some people are such in a good mood and have time for their lives while dancing? Music does that. In actual fact, the music you use can help work to improve your business.

Here’s how: First and foremost, it is important to remember that music can help to create a certain atmosphere and can transform a boring, sad, negative mood into an uplifting one. Although, you might most commonly associate atmospheric music with spas and perhaps restaurants. It can be just as important somewhere like a shop or office.

Then Versus Now

Businesses which may have used background music in the past may have spent hours putting together mix CDs – and even then, staff are likely to hear the same tracks several times a week, or even each day. Now with RadioSparx, continuous music is on tap, available at the click of your mouse.


Music For Restaurants And Stores

Music also provides a psychological influence in restaurants and stores. It can cause clients to spend more time and money in your business. Music can influence their interactions and improve their attitudes during a wait. And it can affect their perceptions of your brand personality and décor.

Music For Hotels

If used properly, music can be a useful tool employed by hoteliers. Music provides a psychological influence in a hotel’s physical environments, a hotel’s telephone system, and a hotel’s proprietary website.

In terms of the physical environment, music can:
1) cause guests to spend more time and money in an establishment;
2) influence buyer/ seller interactions;
3) improve customers’ attitudes during a wait;
4) amend guests’ perceptions of brand personality and décor; and
5) enhance employee productivity.


Impact On Staff Members

Do your employees enjoy listening to music while they work? As a matter of fact, for many, morale, engagement and overall productivity increase when they listen to music.

Enjoy the music!

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