Lens For Bigger Productivity!

Having a full grasp of the overall market productivity can be alarming. However, to understand customers interest and in-store sales is not one that could be done by simply observing the number of customers in and out of your store. This is the essence of retail visitor analytics. You get to have the details of your markets right at your fingertips.

Improving Efficiency in Physical Locations

What Sparx retail analytics: We measure and integrate data in other to organize a meaningful outcome that is usable for your service. You also get to measure where your sales are coming from, hence, aiding planning and reinforcement, such as effectively organizing your working hours, designing a well-structured layout for your products, in order to serve the needs of your customers.

Sparx is basically passionate about how well your business thrives. Our Retail visitor marketing ensures to measure sales funnel, bounce rate, promotion rate, customer’s loyalty amongst others. These would reinforce the data provided for you to improve your marketing, thus increasing your sales funnel.

Saying you do not need these analyses is to sell blindly. You can dominate your market with our analysis.

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